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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, new action movie, Wrecker, is an indie movie that filmmaker Bryan Brooks doesn’t want audiences to take too seriously.

Charlie Woods as Gothard and Yuliya Kutsopey as Svetlanna in Wrecker on Hollowhood
Charlie Woods as Gothard and Yuliya Kutsopey as Svetlanna

80’s Throwback

There is no doubt that throwback films and television shows from the 1980s have recently gained popularity with viewers. Just take a look at how much people love the show Stranger Things. Ideas that were popular decades ago have been repeated and updated to fit our changing times, but while they have added serious tones to help storylines become more believable, they have skipped the comedy that originally made these shows popular.

Executive producer William Dozier said that the first Batman television series, which ran from 1966 to 1968, was the only situation comedy that didn’t have a laugh track.

Taking a step back and watching any one of the dozens of popular films and television shows from the 1980s will show viewers how light-hearted the themes of the past were. In their day, shows like the A-team, Magnum P.I., and Buck Rogers were made as serious action dramas, but by today’s standards, they are seen as funny.

Leo Stewart as Ryder Storm in Wrecker on Hollowhood
Leo Stewart as Ryder Storm

The audience is demonstrating that they don’t always want to take everything so seriously. When they don’t have to ponder storylines or make sense of everything that’s shown to them on the screen, it makes things easier and more enjoyable.

Bryan Brooks

Some independent films continue to take a more lighthearted approach to their storytelling, whereas big-budget Hollywood films have taken a more serious stance. When it comes to the subjects of his films, up-and-coming filmmaker Bryan Brooks favors more comedic ones.

“I think it’s more engaging for the audience when you don’t take yourself too seriously,” said Bryan Brooks. “I mean, this is all make-believe. I thought up the story, I wrote what each actor says, I edited the scenes together to create a story who’s inception was created in my head. Why should I expect the audience to believe its real life when it isn’t? And besides, it’s more fun to watch a film that makes you laugh and cry instead of just cry.”

Bryan Brooks as John Knox in Wrecker on Hollowhood
Bryan Brooks as John Knox

Bryan completed his film WRECKER recently. As a one-man film studio, Bryan Brooks completed every phase of the production process on his own, which resulted in the film taking many years to complete.

“I’m not a big studio with big money, I’m just a guy that has a lot of drive. I created the movie I always wanted to see. It’s got action from start to finish, a great story, interesting characters, romance, adventure, turmoil, horror and zombies… don’t forget the zombies. But, I made it as funny as it is thrilling. It’s not to be taken too seriously. If you can live with that, I promise it’ll be a fun ride!”


You can find out more about Bryan Brooks and his film endeavors at https://www.wreckerthemovie.com and see his current action/thriller feature film Wrecker on the following platforms;




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