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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK“, get to know our titular indie movie, Hollowhood, and the work our writers are doing to promote film, cinema and television around the world!

Hollowhood The Film

Hollowhood was released by the Siren Stories Team in October 2021.

Halloween in an old house in the middle of nowhere…scared? Olivia and her ex-girlfriend Penny are reuniting for their friend Natasha’s Halloween weekend away in Hollowhood. At first Olivia dreams of reigniting the love she and Penny shared, but the creepy locals, the peculiar priest, and a man whose wife went missing five years ago change those plans. Soon Olivia isn’t focused on whether she and Penny can fall back in love, she’s focused on whether she and Penny can survive.

Hollowhood The Magazine

As lovers of all things film, cinema and television, the team at Siren Stories are delighted to launch Hollowhood The Magazine.

Here we will be featuring articles, interviews and reviews to interest and excite you. Whether it’s old films, new TV, or actors sharing their work and passion, Hollowhood The Magazine is where you will find everything you need to enjoy entertainment from around the world.

Our Mission

At Hollowhood The Magazine, we are on a mission to celebrate the film industry. We offer a platform to creatives working in film, cinema and television around the world to share their work with our audience, and excite our readers with their stories.

What We Stand For

At Hollowhood The Magazine, we stand for loving the creative process, and respecting creative people. We are here to love the work of people doing the jobs we care so much about, and bring their wonderful creations to our readers.

Who We Are Here For

Whether you love to read about the work of others, or love to share your own film or performance with readers, we are here for you. We want to celebrate and promote film and television work to an excited audience. Whether you’re making a Hollywood blockbuster, or performing in a low budget indie horror, we love your work, and our audience want to learn about it.

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