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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”for more than 20 years, Scottsdale-based Good Faith Casting director, Bella Hibbs, has been supporting the film and television industry.

Bella Hibbs

‘Tis the season for Hollywood blockbusters, with Black Panther, Avatar, and Knives Out topping many people’s Christmas movie lists. But unlike most moviegoers, Scottsdale-based business owner Bella Hibbs watches films a little bit differently.

Bella Hibbs on Hollowhood
Bella Hibbs

“I probably appreciate good acting more than most people, especially if it’s an intense scene with reactions or comedic timing,” said Bella Hibbs. “Not everyone can pull that off and I have a lot of appreciation for their craft.”

Hibbs is the casting director of Good Faith Casting where she works with production companies to find the right actors for film, TV and commercials. She recently worked on Rob Schneider’s latest movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, which was filmed in Arizona, along with HBO’s popular Duster series, shot in Tucson.

“I have dyslexia, which has made reading more difficult for me, so seeing a story visually has always inspired me,” she explained. “I have a special talent for never forgetting a face and it is definitely part of what makes me an excellent casting director.”

While no two projects are the same, they often share a similar process. Hibbs will receive scripts and meet with producers and directors to understand their styles and what they’re looking for. Then, Hibbs will direct talent through auditions to ensure clients are getting the right performances.

Good Faith Casting

Bella Hibbs on Hollowhood
Bella Hibbs

Unlike some companies, Good Faith does not charge for descriptions of projects and lists of all available acting roles, known as casting breakdowns. Good Faith posts casting breakdown on its Facebook page to make auditions accessible to more actors.

To make auditioning as accessible and efficient as possible, Good Faith Casting began holding auditions virtually, even before the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, the company continued to meet industry demand,with a live virtual audition first policy, rather than in-person, which requires actors to travel to Good Faith’s Scottsdale studio. Virtual auditions provide more flexibility for actors and reduces emissions, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint.

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For more than 20 years, Scottsdale-based Good Faith Casting has been supporting the film/TV industry. With regional offices in New Mexico and Los Angeles, Good Faith has developed a reputation as the ‘go to’ source for casting across the Southwest. https://www.goodfaithcasting.com/home

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