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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, Johnny Twoshoes, written and directed by Emre Oran, is a new British thriller, featuring an original orchestra score, composer by Hollowhood’s own Jonathan McKinney.

Johnny Twoshoes

The latest feature from indie filmmaker, Emre Oran, see’s Ed Allenby taking on the titular role as Johnny Twoshoes, a man with multiple personalities… and multiple girlfriends.

Johnny Twoshoes on Hollowhood
Johnny Twoshoes

When Bridgette, Hayley, Annabel and Esmerelda realise something isn’t right, things get complicated for Johnny. Will he ever wake up? And who is the true Johnny?

The Music Stand

Jonathan McKinney

Famed for the score of our very own Hollowhood film, Jonathan McKinney joined the Johnny Twoshoes team to create an original orchestral score that tracks both the story and the personalities.

In an interview with The Table Read Magazine, Jonathan described the way he uses music to follow the different plot twists and characters throughout the course of Johnny Twoshoes.

“The main character Johnny has multiple personalities, and each of his personalities has a girlfriend. When one of the girlfriends discovers something fishy is going on the adventure spirals out of control from there.

It was such a privilege to score the film, not just because of how much fun it is, but also because the different personalities demand their own themes so it was like scoring three or four movies instead of just one. When Johnny switches personalities the music switches with him.

In his first personality he’s quite sensitive and a bit of a soppy guy, and his theme is all pianos and strings. Then he switches to a bit of a rough criminal fella with a Spanish girlfriend so I got to play some flamenco style guitar in the score too, so much fun! Then he’s a Scot, so I wrote some pipes, and so on and so on. Love it!”

Find more from Johnny Twoshoes now:

Johnny Twoshoes comes to Amazon Prime on December 17th 2022.

Read the full interview with Jonathan: https://thetableread.co.uk/film-composer-interview-jonathan-mckinney-johnny-twoshoes/


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