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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, the Oscars qualifying short film, Silent Partner, screams with a need for change in the professional workspace.

Roderick Lawrence

Jobless and without focus, the award-winning actor, activist, writer, producer, and co-founder of Black Man Films LLC, Roderick Lawrence, from Cleveland, Ohio was faced with a dilemma (like so many) during the height of the pandemic. He began to question his journey as a black man in today’s America, the mental health issues within the black community for black men, the need for a change, and what to do next.

“I am a young Black man in America who is working in systemically racist institutions filled with conscious and unconscious biases,” said Roderick Lawrence. “I created this film to express my point of view and the POV of other Black men and women who for generations have been held back by others, under the guise of kindness and helpfulness, yet kept under an unyielding yoke that treats us as less than equal.”

Silent Partner

Alongside his partner Salam Qarnain Shaw, Roderick Lawrence decided to address the issues he saw, and created Black Man Films LLC, and now the mission continues.

Roderick Lawrence and Kara Young in Silent Partner on Hollowhood
Roderick Lawrence and Kara Young in Silent Partner

The short film, Silent Partner, has been dominating the festival circuit and is now an Oscar contender. Roderick Lawrence stars as Silas Jones, an accomplished, black trial attorney on the cusp of making partner at a white-shoe law firm, dependent upon the successful defense of a white woman who murdered a black teenager.

After eerie events at the firm’s celebration, Silas comes to a crossroads causing him to question his purpose in life, and his promotion. The immediate tension established in the opening shot is carried throughout the 16-minute short directed by Aristotle Torres (Story Ave), and also starring Tony nominee Kara Young, and Emmy award winner Michael Park.

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