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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, true story adaptation based on the experiences of Michele Bell who lost her son to cancer, A Son’s Gift, has signed on award-winning director, Tamar Halpern.

A Son’s Gift

A Son's Gift on Hollowhood
A Son’s Gift

A SON’S GIFT, which has garnered 15 screenwriting awards, is a tale of grief, love, and the strength needed to continue when we out live our own children. Based on the experiences of writer and producer Michele Bell, aka The Grief Warrior®, who lost her son to cancer when he was 14 years old, A SON’S GIFT is based on her book by the same title.

The story follows a mother’s love, as well as her bereavement, as she’s ultimately empowered to survive on her own terms.

Tamar Halpern on Hollowhood
Tamar Halpern

Tamar Halpern

Hit play on your imagination

A SON’S GIFT has now found its director in ccomplished female filmmaker Tamar Halpern, who has written and directed 11 features, including a slate of female-driven thrillers for A&E.

In 2022, Halpern sold a series to HBOMax, and her book about a teen girl in the 1980’s San Fernando Valley, RAD, sold to Diogenes Press.

She recently adapted the novel SOME OF TIM’S STORIES by S.E. Hinton (THE OUTSIDERS, RUMBLE FISH) and is signed up to direct the film in 2024.

Her previous work includes adapting and directing the YA book JEREMY FINK AND THE MEANING OF LIFE, which starred Mira Sorvino, Michael Urie, and Joe Pantoliano.

Her feature documentay, LLYN FOULKES ONE MAN BAND was described as “A joy to watch” by The Hollywood Reporter, and “Undeniably fascinating” Variety, and sold to Netflix after an Oscar-qualifying run. She also wrote and directed the comedy SHELF LIFE, described as “A whip smart film that taps into a fresh source for American comedy” by Variety, which has been acquired by Netflix.

Her short, DEATH TAXES AND APPLE JUICE, about two little girls having an existential crisis while filing their taxes, was invited to more than 40 festivals, and won 16 awards, including the Boston Women in Comedy.

Michele Bell

Michele Bell on Hollowhood
Michele Bell

Author of The 7 Stages of Grief Alignment, a workshop course for brave leaders, Michele Bell is a creative writer with an innate storytelling sense and a mission to live life truthfully. She has also worked as an award-winning hair and makeup artist in film and TV.

Combining her passions and skills, Michele currently works with TV and film creatives, cast and crew alike, as an on-set Thera Coach, helping Hollywood artists refine and deepen their purpose and passion.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, the inspiration to share my story encompassed my being,” explained Michele Bell. “There was an untapped faith beneath all my pain and grief. There I found the courage to share what matters most, that raw diamond of emotion that shines within each one of us called Hope. This rare glimpse into how we, as wounded people, can change our perspective surrounding grief is a powerful opportunity for a spiritual renaissance. A SON’S GIFT is about pivoting pain into purpose, heartache and despair into reconnection with ourselves, and each other, through healing and gratitude.”

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A Son’s Gift
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