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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, new documentary, The Hit, from Porter+Craig Film & Media Distribution, about the night NASCAR legend Tony Stewart hit and killed a young competitor on a rural New York dirt track.

Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr.

The Hit revisits and recalls an incident that took place more than eight years ago on a racetrack in Upstate New York. Investigative journalist Chris Halsne‘s new documentary is eye-opening.

The Hit: An Investigative Documentary Official Poster on Hollowhood
The Hit: An Investigative Documentary Official Poster

Ward and Stewart met in the most tragic way possible on August 9, 2014. Tony Stewart, a legend in NASCAR, and Kevin Ward Jr. shared many similarities. Ward was one of the most successful young race car drivers in New York. He wanted to reach the same heights Stewart had already reached. Ward was named the 360-sprint car rookie of the year before he turned 18 and had already won 250 races and won six championships in go-carts.

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The Hit

One of the darkest periods in auto racing history is examined in this feature-length documentary; on a dirt track in a rural area of New York the night that NASCAR legend Tony Stewart struck and killed a young competitor. The evidence that Stewart accelerated his vehicle and fishtailed it toward a helpless man has never been seen before, according to a team of renowned forensic engineers and award-winning investigative journalists. This movie features stunning 3-D animation of the accident, exclusive video, and testimony from witnesses, including Stewart.

“The forensic engineers who took part in this independent investigation are geniuses,” said Executive Producer, Keith L. Craig. “I’m amazed by what they do in this film. It definitely makes the viewer reconsider their own perception.”


The Hit uses Videogrammetry, a ground-breaking and novel technique, to revisit the events that led up to that terrible moment. The Videogrammetry software processes billions of data points to produce the most accurate accident reconstructions ever. For the most objective and precise breakdown of a catastrophic occurrence, such as the one at the center of The Hit, memory errors are eliminated from the equation.

Videogrammetry did not exist at the time Ward passed away, if it had, Tony Stewart’s fate might have been different. The death of Ward was recorded on tape. The horrifying footage vividly depicts the eponymous Hit, which shows Ward’s body being thrown 25 feet down the track by Stewart’s car. In a flash, it’s over before it even begins. However, despite how horrible it is to see, Ward’s death was still deemed accidental. Stewart, on the other hand, took three weeks off to recover from the tragedy. Stewart claimed in his official statement to the police that he was attempting to speed away from Ward, but that the car was fishtailing and swerved in the opposite direction. Although the physics appeared to make sense, a few witnesses, including the victim’s father Kevin Ward Sr., suspected otherwise.

“We said from day one it looked like he moved up the track and obviously hit the throttle,” said Kevin Ward Sr. “I know them cars do what they do when you hit the throttle. Why did he hit the throttle?”

However, nobody can say for sure what Stewart intended to do, if anything at all. However, The Hit’s central 3D reconstruction conveys a lot more than words can. Take in the evidence as you watch the movie and draw your own conclusions.

About Porter+Craig

With two young but seasoned industry veterans joining forces to take digital development to the next level, Porter+Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and television sales. It is based primarily in Beverly Hills but also has connections in Washington, DC, and Atlanta.

In 2012, Jeff Porter established Porter Pictures, which has since grown into one of Beverly Hills’ most successful Black-owned motion picture and television sales agencies. Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Victoria Rowell, Jon Favreau, Joseph Fiennes, Barry Bostwick, Mark Wahlberg, and others are among the actors with whom Jeff has collaborated on projects or films. He has been in the business for more than a decade and a half, working on sales of approximately 100 films and television shows. He is also a sought-after expert speaker at LA writers’ organizations and film festivals.

Keith L. Craig has worked at Disney for the past six years on Lucas Films, Pixar, and Marvel titles, including but not limited to STAR WARS: The Last Jedi, AVENGERS: THE RISE OF THE SKYWALKER ENDGAME, COCO, BLACK PANTHER, and a lot more, all of which earned well over a billion dollars at the box office. In addition to a stellar 30 year career in the United States Army (where he attained the rank of “Sergeant Major,” the top 1% in the Arm Forces), Keith L. Craig is also a pro football star and champion. In addition, Mr. Craig is a highly sought-after investment partner and consultant in the entertainment and hospitality sectors.

Find The Hit now:

THE HIT: An Investigative Documentary is now available on Amazon Prime.

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