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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”,  upcoming film Sicilian Holiday is now in post-production as they have wrapped filming in Sciacca, Sicily.

Sicilian Holiday

On her upcoming film Sicilian Holiday, award-winning screenwriter and producer Michela Scolari is collaborating with Academy Award-winning producer Adam Leipzig. After filming in Sciacca, Sicily, was finished, the movie is now in post-production.

Mia and Nino, two troubled souls with more in common than the audience initially believes, are the focus of Sicilian Holiday. Mia, an actress in her late twenties, is stuck on an island in southern Italy by herself, looking for a way out of her unfulfilling life. In his mid-thirties, Sicilian sculptor Nino he works in an old-world craftsman studio and comes to Mia’s guide. The film also focuses on other couples on the island who are negotiating their romantic lives and discovering themselves as they help her find a job and a place to stay as their relationship grows, which is complicated by the arrival of Nino’s brother Phil.

Sicilian Occasion is a Sicilian dream-story become fully awake, an “accidental romance” about individuals that mend their previous pain so they can move to new lives. It’s a modern tale with a touch of the past.

Sicilian Holiday on Hollowhood
Lilly Englert (Mia) and Francesco Leone (Nino) find romance in a scene from Sicilian Holiday, directed by Michela Scolari. Cinematographer: Massimiliano Trevis.

Filming Sicilian Holiday

Lilly Englert, best known for her roles in Quantico and the 2019 Little Women remake, plays Mia, the main character. Nino is played by Sicilian entertainer Francesco Leone and Phil is played by Italian entertainer Ivo Romagnoli both known for jobs in Italian series and movies in France and the U.S. Balancing the cast are commended entertainers Claudia Gerini, Rocco Ancarola, Felix Maximilian, Tony Schiena, Fuschia Kate Sumner, Lee Levi, Nicoleta Nuca, Jerry Ying, and Marcia Sedoc.

Adam Leipzig, Michela Scolari, Ivo Romagnoli, and Attilio de Razza are the producers of Sicilian Holiday. Franco della Posta, David Zuckerman, Ellie Kanter, Matt Marek, BK Fulton, Felix Maximilian, and Elena Costa are the executive producers. Produced by Credential Media Ventures, The Pepegas Team, and Entertainment Media Partners, it is a Filmin’ Tuscany/Rai Cinema presentation.

The primary sponsor of Sicilian Holiday is Mangia’s Resorts and Clubs. The Sicilian Film Commission gave the movie generous support. Tilt’s Silene Mosticchio handled sponsorships and product placement.

Credential Media Ventures, owned by Adam Leipzig, is in charge of distribution and sales.

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