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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, a new series streaming on Amazon, A Spiritual Connection, features the testimonies of believers from all walks of life. 

A Spiritual Connection

A Spiritual Connection aims to give people from all walks of life a chance to tell their stories to a live audience that has a direct impact on the subject of the testimonies. Through this “connection,” viewers are able to become empowered, gain hope from the shared experiences, and acquire wisdom for navigating turbulent circumstances. Lives will be changed as declarations are shared and as watchers experience the people who have conquered incapacitating conditions.

Believers from all walks of life, who are now strategically positioned to assist others, are heard by A Spiritual Connection. Drug addiction, depression, rape, incest, teen pregnancy, pornography, homelessness, and other social issues plaguing society are all covered in the program. It’s all about hearing how our guests overcame adversity to find healing and wholeness, as well as the lessons they learned along the way.

Faith In God

The fact that we require hope in the world of today cannot be denied. The guests’ accounts of miraculous reversals show what faith in God can accomplish. The disenfranchised who believe they are on their own on a difficult journey need a spiritual connection as a lifeline. This platform has been well received, with many people eager to hear the uncensored stories of those who are brave enough to share them with the world. Connecting them with those who have overcome with God as their anchor can only aid in their recovery.

A Spiritual Connection on Hollowhood
A Spiritual Connection

A Spiritual Connection believes that a platform that strives to be true to our faith, our community, and ourselves is necessary. Now is the time to inspire, to be brave, to ask tough questions, and to learn the real story of how others overcame challenges.

Experts in medicine, theology, government, law enforcement, and philosophy will be discussed with the community. This platform aims to spiritually collaborate in order to solve society’s problems and get to the bottom of them. In order to facilitate the exchange of well-informed viewpoints, A Spiritual Connection brings together groups and organizations that are directly involved in the subject. The host, the guests, and the audience will all benefit greatly from the transformative experience that will result from this show’s energizing debate, the unanticipated testimony that will be shared, and the overall healing that will take place.

Janette Augar

Janette Auguar, author of The Grace to Walk Away, is the creator, host, and producer of A Spiritual Connection. The native of Columbia, South Carolina, earned a degree in Professional Theatre and Communications from South Carolina State University. Janette held afternoon drive-time slots and received her endorsement as a third-class broadcaster while working as a radio broadcaster for WDIX and WQKI. Diamond Eagle, Inc. was established to provide inspiration, insight, and instruction for society’s challenges. Her unwavering dedication to the community was the driving force behind its establishment.

Janette Augar established Diamond Eagle Inc, which is purposed to utilize media to bridge the gap between the disenfranchised. Television, radio and print media is used to bring awareness to those who have overcome debilitating circumstances in an effort to help others.

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