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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, on Tuesdays at 9pm from 8th November, series 2 of Nub TV is coming to Sky TV Channel 186.

Nub TV

Mark Christopher Lee and Guy Thompson on Nub TV on Hollowhood
Nub TV

Described by the I Newspaper as “a bizarre mix of music, conspiracies and the paranormal, pushing the boundaries of TV”, the first series of Nub TV got rave reviews and a cult following from all over the UK. Nub TV is presented by Mark Christopher Lee from the indie band The Pocket Gods and Guy Thompson from electro pop band The Boy From Space

As well as featuring the best new music videos, Nub TV holds interviews with your favourite UFO and paranormal experts about the weirdest subjects out there, with a bold and honest approach to investigating the paranormal.

Guests include the world’s leading UFO expert Nick Pope, and actor Eastender’s Nick Cotton actor John Altman talking about his ghostly experiences.

More controversial moments in this series include a scene where Guy and Mark consider contacting the recently deceased Queen on a Ouija board!

Highlights include:

  • John Altman talks about the night he stayed in a haunted hotel and woke up with his bed shaking furiously and an orb above floating above him opening up a portal to another dimension!
  • Ex UK MOD’s Nick Pope talks about the King Charles’s interest in UFO and the possibility of opening up the British X Files!
  • We also reveal the truth about TikTok time travellers, the English Bigfoot stalking Surrey’s Box Hill and chat with BAFTA award winning filmmaker David Rolfe who is convinced that the Turin Shroud is the real burial cloth of Jesus, and has issued a 1 million GBP challenge to be proved that it’s a fake!
    Author Neil Nixon also chats about the UFO experiences both Elvis & John Lennon had.
  • We also chat with Matty Blake one of the stars of hit TV show The Curse Of Oak Island – the world’s longest treasure hunt who gives us the lowdown on the new series
  • Alongside we have music from Kick Pistol, Bycycle, The Pocket Gods, Determinated and John Altman!

Episode Guide:

Episode 1 – Haunted Houses – with guest actor John Altman
Episode 2 – First Contact – with guest UFO expert and ex MOD – Nick Pope
Episode 3 – The Turin Shroud Is Real -with guest BAFTA winning film-maker David Rolfe
Episode 4 – Weird Rock And Roll – with guest author Neil Nixon
Episode 5 – TikTok Time Travel – with guest Australian broadcaster – Plastic EP
Episode 6 – English Bigfoot – with guest Bigfoot researcher Andy McGrath
Episode 7 – The Curse Of Oak Island – with star of The Curse Of Oak Island Tv show – Matty Blake

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