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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, 321 Greenstreet’s director of community relations made the announcement that the company has launched a GoFundMe campaign in support of an engaging and novel children’s television program. You can find the project at https://gofundme.me/c655a15d.

321 Greenstreet

The pilot episode of 321 Greenstreet and additional segments with themes like the arts and life lessons are currently available on YouTube.

The HoneySuckle Diner is one of the filming locations, where viewers can learn how to make a delicious cup of steaming hot chocolate on a cold day.

“Through creative storytelling, field trips, and interaction with amazing characters viewers of 321 Greenstreet will meet people, fall in love with puppets, and endear themselves to characters from the town of Bear Ridge,” explained the creator and executive producer of the series, Clint Plyler.

Reaching Children

According to Plyler, he is making money so that he can hire first-class marketing, production, and project teams and provide the series with the resources it needs to succeed and reach as many children as possible. He went on to say that 321 Greenstreet is also working on giving its backers exclusive, valuable rewards that are representative of the Bear Ridge books and television show.

“321 Greenstreet not only gives children an opportunity for quality television viewing but it’s also aligned with the Children’s Television Act (CTA) which mandates that broadcasters provide educational and informational television programs for children,” said Community Relations Director for 321 Greenstreet, Fran Briggs, . “The content is exceptional and enhances the child’s cognitive, emotional, and social well-being.”

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