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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, Wabi Sabi Production announce a virtual screening of the award winning short film “Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces” directed by disabled filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower.

Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces

Disabled Artist Showcase on Hollowhood
Disabled Artist Showcase

On January 21, 2023 ( @ ) 6:30 PM EDT, Wabi Sabi Creations Inc, A 501 (c)3 will deliver a public virtual film screening of the honor winning short film “Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces, on YouTube Live.

Emmitt H. Thrower, a disabled filmmaker who has won awards, is in charge of the project. There are four disabled artists and activists in the film. The rare condition known as SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) affects both Dominick Evans, the director, and James Ian, the lyricist. Dominick is also non binary and is a part of the trans community.

Genentech sponsored their music video, “Spaces,” as part of the company’s SMA My Way program. At the NYC Wavy Awards in 2022, the music video was awarded the title of “music video of the year.” “Spaces” was written and sung by James Ian, and Dominick Evans was the virtual director.

Disability Awareness

Keith Jones and Leroy Moore Jr. both have cerebral palsy. “Krip Hop Nation,” an international organization of disabled musicians and poets, is co-founded by them. Leroy is a poet and journalist in addition to completing his PhD at UCLA. Keith Jones is currently planning the launch of “DA CHNL,” a Roku TV subscription-based educational and entertainment channel for people with disabilities. The channel will include incapacity related content. The channel makes it easier for people with disabilities to watch by using all the latest technology and more traditional tools like closed captioning, ADR, sign language, etc.

“A Blindman Stood on the Road and Cried,” a music video that Leroy and Keith made, is a tribute to the late Josh White Sr. ‘s melody with a similar name. The verses were composed by Leroy Moore Jr. also, the music was created by Keith Jones. The music video was directed by Emmitt H. Thrower and shot in Los Angeles, California, by Erick Matus. Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. produced the video.

Emmitt H. Thrower

Emmitt H. Thrower is the President and pioneer behind Wabi Sabi Creations Inc. He is an award winning disabled filmmaker, producer, director, actor, writer and music publisher. Emmitt survived a stroke with vision loss in one eye and vision impairment in the other. Additionally, he struggles with mobility issues brought on by his 2001 stroke.

New Borning: A Bronx Tale“, a kindle book and an Audible audiobook by Emmitt, have just been released. Autobiographical and historical, it chornicles his process recuperating from his stroke 2001 and the advancement of the Bronx from that point to the present. Beginning in January 2023, the book will be available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes platforms. The book will also be available as a “Cinema Book” later in 2023. A book you watch rather than read is called a “cinema book” or “watch book.” The autobiographical audio book has been adapted for the big screen. Emmitt came up with this new book idea as a way to create a movie-like visual and auditory experience that makes reading a better experience. This variant of the book gives extra guide and a special encounters for all book lovers, incorporating those with disabilities.

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