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On Hollowhood, “the best independent film magazine in the UK”, Keith L. Craig is educating the film industry in Diversity, Inclusion, and Acceptance.

Keith L. Craig

In recent years, Diversity, Inclusion, and Acceptance have dominated video-on-demand and the media, filmmaking, and television industries. Keith L. Craig, a media mogul and industry leader, is well-versed in the inherent value of the “now trending” variety in programming. Major studios and networks are catching on with a vengeance.

As Theatrical Sales and Distribution Manager for their Central Division, Keith L. Craig rose to prominence as a film producer, investor, and unprecedented distribution executive when he led Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to a domestic record of $3.7 billion in 2019.

Keith L. Craig on Hollowhood
Keith L. Craig

Craig, who is now Co-Founder, Chair, and CEO of Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution, has expanded his global reach and transformed 20 theatrical market areas into diversity gold mines. He left Disney less than a year ago, and now that he has worked on blockbuster and franchise films, he wants to make a bigger impact on the multibillion-dollar independent filmmaking industry.


The box office king is probably the only black person in the industry who mentors new filmmakers and expands inclusionary global partnerships with the goal of propelling minority films and television programming for domestic, Nollywood, Bollywood, and Canadian filmmakers.

Craig intends to fully educate filmmakers and content producers on the business of filmmaking, expose them to network executives, and negotiate high-yield contracts with his team of show runners, producers, investment packaging, and budgetary coaches.

Craig is scheduled to advocate for independent filmmakers who struggle to gain success with studio executives at the upcoming Sundance, Cannes, and Berlin Film Festivals after achieving significant success at the American Film Market in November.

“Porter + Craig is excited about the future, as it pertains to the fresh content, unique and colorful storytelling,” said Keith L. Craig.

Craig is no stranger to building global communities and is now unquestionably connecting the world through stories. He spent 32 years in the military, has a base in intelligence and logistics, and has traveled to more than 50 countries. His company is a major player in the industry with direct deals with on-demand platforms and major announcements for 2023 releases.


With two young but seasoned industry veterans joining forces to take digital development to the next level, Porter+Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and television sales. It is based primarily in Beverly Hills but also has connections in Washington, DC, and Atlanta.


Jeff Porter founded Porter Pictures in 2012, and under his leadership it has become one of the most successful Black-owned motion picture and TV sales agencies in Beverly Hills. Jeff has worked on projects or films featuring the likes of Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Victoria Rowell, Jon Favreau, Joseph Fiennes, Barry Bostwick, Mark Wahlberg and more. Over his more than decade and a half in the business, he has worked on sales of roughly over 100 film and TV projects, and is an in-demand expert speaker at film festivals and LA writers’ organizations.


In addition to a stellar 30 year career in the US Army (where he attained the rank of “Sergeant Major” the top 1% in the Arm Forces) and pro football star and champion, Keith L. Craig has worked at Disney on Lucas Films, Pixar and Marvel titles for the past 6 years which include but limited to, STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, COCO, BLACK PANTHER, AND MORE, with combined box office receipts well over the billion-dollar mark. Mr. Craig is also a well sought-after consultant and investment partner in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Learn more about Keith L. Craig by visiting his website at www.keithcraig.org

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